Sarajevo: a Guided Journey through Sarajevo and the Surrounding Areas

Sarajevo: a Guided Journey through Sarajevo and the Surrounding Areas
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ISBN: 9789958630606
Dostupnost: 7
Cijena: 33.00 KM 10.00 KM
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Sarajevo, a small city squezzed between the mauntains, has seen empires come and go. They all left their marks on this most resilient of cities. The city has survived its recent siege as it survived wars, plagues and earthquakes in the past, and managed to maintain its multireligious and tolerant character.

For centuries, vibrant communities of Muslims, Ortodox and Chatolic Christians and Jewes influenced and reinforced each other, and jointly created an extraordinary city. Sarajevo wouldn't be Sarajevo without its plethora of cultural festivals, museums and monuments. It wouldn't be Sarajevo without its surrounding mountains, dense forests and Olympic-quality ski resorts. And it most certainly wouldn't be Sarajevo without the beautiful, cultured, tolerant, witty, rugged, unpretentions Sarajevans.

This guide covers all there is to see and to do in the city itself, and explores many hidden treasures in the surrounding areas.
Enjoy the journey.

Autor Tim Clancy
ISBN 9789958630606
Broj strana 163
Uvez Meki
Godina izdanja 2005
Stanje knjige Nova

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Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina
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